Creativity is about connecting the dots

On the era of digital, startups are more and more multiplying : they respond and they adapt themselves to the consumers needs, to let them able to transform and simplify their lifestyle. To succeed, just “expect the unexpected”, by demonstrating a creative mind to multiply ideas, be where you are not expected. Arriving at this point, things start to take shape.


However, in a context of an french individualistic  society, a question arises; It is conceded that entrepreneurs don’t want to share their ideas? Or rather, should we understand they don’t want that others steal their projects? Some are reluctant to reveal their idea. But yet, i’m convinced that, this is not necessarily the right attitude.


Why would I share my ideas with others?


As example, Facebook company is, at first, a small idea, and, through a collaborative exchange of advice and comments, the idea has turned into one of the world’s most famous social networks. From a personal or professional point of view, I believed that the exchanging of ideas, projects or generally thought, let’s easily call ourself  into questions, to see things from a different perspective and benefit from the expertise of others. Moreover, as the famous entrepreneur Dharmesh Shah said: « do not worry about people stealing your idea, worry that no one will care ».


Think about your experience


Don’t you have ever lived a situation like this ? Find a great idea, that you have shared with your friends or family, and that grew finally to become something successful ? At this moment, we have to be aware that this idea or project probably wouldn’t have been possible without the participation of other actors: it is essential to interact with other people, in order to grow this idea, to get it better. A combination of ideas that will totally change the starting idea, without destroying it.


Nevertheless, I think we have to keep the foundations of the main idea, not distorting it. While it is necessary to communicate, we have to keep in mind why a project is created, what need it answers. Leveraging of ideas of each other helps to re-evaluate something, and approach things in a more or less different angle, to discover details that no one would have think. Last but not least, when a project was set up, think to listen and be attentive to its customers and its consumers: as Steve Jobs said, “Creativity is about connecting the dots”.


Valentine Joubert, Master 1 Webmarketing, @valentinejoub

Source: Panorama et analyse de l’écosystème numérique, Henri Kaufman.