Some tips to consider while creating an infographics

Infographics can be seen everywhere on the web. They can be great, colourful, full of interesting informations but they can also be the opposite. So here are 3 tips you should consider while making an infographics so it doesn’t sucks.


Consider your Audience


Having tons of data doesn’t mean all of them are interesting. Don’t just bore your audience with too many informations. You have to filter them. Your infographic should be short and have a proper idea to convey. If your viewers don’t find it useful and doesn’t help them, they will just forget it.

Your sense of aesthetic won’t necessarily be the same as them. Keep in mind that if it doesn’t appeal to your audience, they won’t give a f about what you are saying since it doesn’t reach them.

Interacting with your audience can be a very interesting way to keep your viewer focused. It is indeed way more entertaining than just reading. It gives them the feeling to be part of the creativity process and to belong to a community.


Tell a story


« Think of infographics not as data made pretty with visuals, but as visual content that is useful to your community..«  Rich brook from themarketingagents.com


While making beautiful visual to illustrate your data can be very tempting, your viewer won’t remember it if you have nothing to tell. Don’t just illustrate facts but interpret them. Your raw material won’t tell anything unless you analyse them properly. Everybody loves a story, It is way more easier for your brain to remember a story than a series visual that makes no sense. It might be visually catchy but hey, you are here to feed their brain and not their eyes.




Create a flow


Get your audience into a journey. Don’t just shout big numbers in huge types. Your viewer needs to be guided. When they land on your infographic, they need a starting point, a safe place they recognize so that the adventure can begin. Once settled, you can lead your viewer into different spots that will create various paths that will bring some new clues. That way, you won’t lose your viewer but also keep them eager for new informations. Don’t forget your goal. At the end you have an idea to pass on so it needs a conclusion.


There are many other guides on the internet to help you create infographics but to me, those 3 are the most important to consider before doing anything. These can also be considered when making a presentation which infographics are part of.


Christopher Trang@ytsokay – Étudiant en 2ème année de Mastère Web Design